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Cleaning Tooth Decay Through Air Abrasion Read Transcript

No matter how long or often you brush your teeth, you are going to miss spots. Friendly Smiles Center in Mount Laurel, NJ will make sure your teeth are totally clean and clear of debris when you come in for a dental cleaning. We’ll also help prevent any developing dental issues through a full dental exam. Call Dr. Chase today at 856-359-4000 to make sure your smile stays safe and healthy. Dr. Chase is a member of American Dental Association and New Jersey Dental Association.

Dental Cleaning and Exam Process

Whether you’re a new patient or have been seeing us for years, you can expect the VIP treatment here at Friendly Smiles Center! We’ll welcome you into our comfortable office with freshly baked cookies, and we respect your time by keeping your wait to a minimum. We can also schedule a follow-up consult should you have any smile concerns you want to raise with Dr. Chase.

  • New Patients – As a new patient at Friendly Smiles Center, you are treated to some additional services at no charge. During your initial visit, we’ll make sure your mouth is cancer-free with an intraoral camera screening. We’ll also take digital images of every tooth in your mouth.
  • Step #1 – The first part of your appointment is when your teeth get the thorough dental cleaning they need to remain problem-free. We’ll also take digital X-rays, if needed. Our skilled dental hygienists will go over all your teeth and note any area that deserves further attention. You’ll have the option of getting a fluoride treatment as well. Most insurances cover one fluoride treatment per year, so take advantage when you can.
  • Step #2 – The final phase of your appointment is the exam from Dr. Chase. He will go through your mouth and look for any telltale signs of disease or tooth decay. He will also look over any spots that your hygienist brought to his attention. Catching any issue early on is important. The earlier we find a problem, the better chance we have of taking care of it quickly.

Take Care of Your Teeth for Life with Help from Friendly Smiles Center

Schedule your regular dental cleaning and exams with top Mount Laurel, NJ dentist Dr. Chase by calling 856-359-4000 today. Use our online form to schedule your appointment as well. With routine visits to Friendly Smiles Center, you can rest assured we’ll prevent problems and help your smile stay bright.

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Video: How to Clean Tooth Decay through Air Abrasion by Dr. Chase of Friendly Smiles Center

Teeth Decay can now be treated with the help of Air Abrasion. Friendly Smiles Center offers this procedure at Mount Laurel, NJ to give our patients a more convenient treatment. In this video, Dr. Chase gave us an overview on how air abrasion works to treat your tooth decay today. Read this for more info: Book your appointment with us to get a dental exam from a trusted dentist in Mount Laurel, NJ. Call 856-359-4000 today. Like us on Facebook to get our updates: