Rich A. on receiving excellent dental care and why he loves the practice

When I come here, they do the X-rays and all of the rest of that. They took a look at where I’m headed with my teeth. I have three implants that need to be done that I’m kind of waiting on right now. There’s a time issue having to … when you can install them. I just trust that what he does is exceptional, and I just prefer coming here compared to other places. I’ve been to other dentists in my life, and they just didn’t seem to have the expertise and professionalism that I sense with Dr. Bob.
When I have an appointment, I do not spend more than maybe 10 minutes here, 15 minutes maximum, before they take me in and then we go through the process of what has to be done. They thoroughly discuss what is about to take place prior to the procedure, and then I have every expectation that it’s going to be done well, and it is.

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