Susan W. on replacing an old repair after it had failed and why she loves coming to the practice

I was actually sitting at my dining room table, I can’t remember exactly how old I was, just quietly doing my homework to myself, and my older brother, of course, came walking behind me and just to be silly or funny, he thought he was being funny, he kind of pushed my head towards the table, and I wasn’t expecting it, so I didn’t stop myself and my front tooth hit the hardwood table. Yes, the solid-wood table. I could feel with my tongue immediately that half of my tooth cut right off. My parents weren’t thrilled, and neither was I.
I kind of didn’t smile as much. I was a little bit cautious of maybe keeping my hand in front of my mouth because I was trying to hide … I didn’t know if people could tell that something had happened and Dr. Chase, he was able to bond and create a smile that I was never trying to hide anymore. You can’t tell. You just can’t tell that that ever happened. So he was able to reconstruct and create my smile the way it used to look.
I have been coming here since Dr. Chase started his practice, and just the family atmosphere, I feel like when I come through the doors, from the ladies at the front desk to all the hygienists and the dentist himself, they ask about how I’m doing and about my family, how are things going with your job. I feel like they care about me, the person first, which makes me always want to come back because I know not only am I getting great care for myself, I feel like I’m part of a family here.

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