Susan W. on the practice being great for kids

My three children have been coming here since they’ve been 2 years old. And a lot of times when parents first bring their child, especially that first appointment, they don’t know what to expect. They’re a little bit frightened. My children never felt that way, because I’ve always talked about the dentist in a positive way, my experience here. They’ve come with me even before they were old enough to be a patient. They would come and play in the waiting room. They would get a sticker, and possibly leave with a cookie. So they had a positive experience before they even started. Once they were old enough to start their appointments, they felt comfortable because the first appointment they get to ride up and down on the chair, they get a brand-new toothbrush, there’s actually no work done on their mouth, so they don’t feel frightened. So, ever since they’ve been coming, they love to come, they can’t wait to come back. Which is very rare when you talk about kids going to the dentist.

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