Find Answers to Dental Care FAQ at Friendly Smiles Center

Before you start improving your smile at Friendly Smiles Center in Mount Laurel, NJ, you probably have some questions for us. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions that we hear from our patients. To find out more about our dental practice or to set up your visit with Dr. Chase, call us now at 856-359-4000 or schedule online.

Do you offer dental sedation?

We offer two types of dental sedation for our patients: Inhaled Sedation – This mild sedative, commonly known as laughing gas, will help you stay comfortable during your dental care. Oral Sedation – This is a pill that you take about an hour before your treatment. It is a deeper sedation level than inhaled sedation, so it’s great for moderately fearful patients and those who require longer dental treatment. With this method, you will need to have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

Does Dr. Chase offer All-on-4® implants?

Dr. Chase offers true All-on-4 implant treatment with authentic Nobel Biocare® dental implants. Many of our patients here at Friendly Smiles Center have regained full use of their mouth with this long-term teeth replacement method.

How long does it take you to fix dentures?

We have an in-house lab equipped with the latest dental technology, so our patients get the most efficient, comfortable solutions possible. That also means you enjoy the benefit of faster dental treatments in many cases. We can fix your dentures the same day you bring them in. Thanks to our advanced technology at Friendly Smiles Center, you never have to be without your smile for long!

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