Oral Surgery Preserve Your Smile With Surgery
  • Relax during surgery with sedation
  • Trust our team’s years of experience
  • Save yourself a trip to a specialist’s office

Get Gentle Oral Surgery in Mount Laurel, NJ

You shouldn’t have to run from one dental office to another for every treatment you may need. As a general dentist office, we offer a wide range of services for our patients, including oral surgery in Mount Laurel, NJ.

We can help if you need to:

  • Remove a troublesome or painful tooth
  • Rebuild your jaw to improve your appearance or prepare it for implants
  • Restore your smile with implants

Save time and money by coming to Friendly Smiles Center for dental surgery. Dr. Robert Chase, a member of the American Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry for over 25 years, has the training and experience to perform many procedures in our office. Call 856-359-4000 to find out more at a consultation.

Stay Comfortable While We Improve Your Smile’s Health

With his advanced training and years of surgical experience, Dr. Chase offers several kinds of dental surgery. You can have your procedure in familiar surroundings, from a team you know and trust. We offer:

  • Tooth Extractions – Removing a tooth can make it simpler and faster to complete orthodontic treatment. You may also need to remove teeth to make it possible to complete a full-mouth reconstruction. Some teeth are so severely damaged that removing them is the best option. No matter why you need an extraction, Dr. Chase can perform the procedure.
  • Ridge Augmentation – It’s important to replace a missing tooth, and dental implants can make your new teeth stronger and more stable. If you don’t have enough bone tissue where your implant is needed, you can get a ridge augmentation so you know your implant will be secure.

It’s reasonable to have some anxiety about surgery in your mouth. Even if you are comfortable with standard dental care, dental surgery could make you nervous. With either oral sedation or inhaled sedation (laughing gas), you can be confident about staying pain-free during your procedure. Sedation has the added benefit of calming your nerves.

Get oral surgery in Mount Laurel, NJ without a specialist referral. Just call 856-359-4000 or schedule online to visit Friendly Smiles Center for your procedure.

Common Questions About Oral Surgery

When is oral surgery covered by insurance?

Your dental insurance plan may cover a portion of your oral surgery. We recommend you check with your individual carrier to find out what is and is not covered and what your out-of-pocket expense will be. We do offer several flexible payment options, including in-house financing.

Is there much pain after oral surgery?

In this day and age, the procedure itself really should not involve any pain. And with Dr. Chase at the helm, you can count on an array of comfort amenities as well as our two safe and effective dental sedation options to keep you calm and comfortable during your oral surgery. We are always happy to answer any questions during your consultation appointment.

What can I eat after oral surgery?

We recommend that you eat all or mostly soft foods and liquids for two or three days after your surgery. Yogurt, soup, pudding, ice cream, and protein shakes are all good choices. It’s a good idea to avoid spicy foods, acidic foods, crunchy foods, and tough-to-chew foods for a week or so.

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