Oral Surgery

Getting your smile taken care of at Friendly Smiles Center is not all teeth cleanings and orthodontics. Our level of dental care for our patients goes much further than that. Oral surgery from our Mount Laurel, NJ dentist is one way we can help restore your dental health.

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Suffering from damaged or diseased teeth that need removing? Dr. Chase can help. Need to rebuild your mouth after a tooth extraction? No need for a specialist – we can help you with that, too. Call our Mount Laurel, NJ dentist office today at 856-359-4000 to schedule your oral surgery appointment.

Tooth Removal / Extraction

Though your real teeth are meant to last your whole life, it doesn’t always work out that way. If you have a diseased or damaged tooth that needs to be removed, trust the dental team at Friendly Smiles Center. We will always try to save your tooth through other methods, such as a root canal, before we perform a tooth extraction. Should you need an extraction, our highly skilled Mount Laurel, NJ dentist can use dental sedation to help you have a comfortable and pain-free experience.

Ridge Augmentation

When you have a tooth extracted, you may experience bone loss and gum tissue loss from the procedure. This can cause a deformity that affects the way your mouth looks. It can also make getting dental implants impossible. In these cases, trusted Mount Laurel, NJ dentist Dr. Chase may recommend a ridge augmentation to correct these issues. Dr. Chase carefully fills the deformed area with new bone material, which promotes bone growth to fix the problem.

Take Care of Your Smile at Friendly Smiles Center

Call us at 856-359-4000 to schedule an oral surgery appointment at our Mount Laurel, NJ dentist office. You can use our online form to schedule your appointment as well. Our experienced dental staff will make sure you leave with the healthier smile you deserve.