Cosmetic Dentistry Makes A Great Christmas Gift! [PHOTO]

We all spend the weeks leading up to the holidays searching for the perfect gifts for the people we care about, but too often, we forget to put what we want anywhere on the wish list. Today, we want to inspire you to treat yourself to cosmetic dentistry for Christmas! Take a look at this before and after transformation from our Mount Laurel ...

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Enjoy Holidays More With Mini Dental Implants! [BLOG]

Are you dreading another holiday season with missing teeth or slippery dentures? Don’t be discouraged! Visit Friendly Smiles Center for a consultation with Dr. Chase, and find out if mini dental implants are a good way to secure your new teeth, improve your health and quality of life, and make your holidays in the future much more ...

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Holiday Foods & Drinks That Can Stain Your Teeth [INFOGRAPHIC]

Like most people, you’re probably looking forward to all the delicious treats that typically grace our buffet tables this time of year. But while you’re enjoying your favorite delights of the season, be aware of the ones that can leave stains behind on your teeth! Here’s an infographic that lists a few of the foods and drinks that can ...

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What We Can Do With Dental Crowns & Bridges [VIDEO]

Damaged or missing teeth? Don’t be discouraged! Help is available from your Mount Laurel dentist, Dr. Chase. Hear him explain what we can do with dental crowns and bridges to rebuild your smile. We also invest in the latest technology so your permanent crowns are crafted and placed in a single visit! Get ahead of the upcoming ...

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See Why Restorative Dentistry Is A Blessing! [PHOTO]

When you count your blessings this Thanksgiving, your friendly Mount Laurel dentist wants to make sure full oral function and a beautiful, healthy smile are on that list! You can see from today’s before and after smile gallery image that we can provide restorative dentistry services that put just as much value on rebuilding your smile’s ...

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Repair Damaged Teeth In One Day With CEREC Dental Crowns! [BLOG]

Do you have a damaged tooth but are just too busy to spend hours away from work going to multiple dental appointments over the next few weeks to have it restored? Don’t mess with all that! Come to Friendly Smiles Center, and we can fix your damaged smile in a single visit with our CEREC same-day dental crowns! What In The World Happened ...

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Don’t Fear The Dentist Anymore! [COLLECTION]

Your Mount Laurel dentist wants to share one more bit of encouragement to fearful patients this month! As we’ve talked about in our previous blogs, dental anxiety is a common and understandable barrier that stands between millions of people and great oral health. But it’s a barrier that can be overcome when you trust the right team! At ...

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Look At One Good Reason To Overcome Dental Fear! [PHOTO]

In our last blog, we introduced the possibility of building your confidence about visiting the dentist so you can have the healthy mouth you deserve. But overcoming your fear of the dentist isn’t just about improving your oral health. It’s also about having a bright, attractive smile you can feel proud of. Here’s just one before and ...

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Dental Anxiety Relief With Your Mount Laurel Dentist [VIDEO]

If you have a negative physical reaction to visiting the dentist, or even just from thinking about visiting the dentist, then today’s blog could change your life! Your friendly Mount Laurel dentist wants to help you overcome your fears this month with our strategies for relieving dental anxiety. Check out Dr. Chase’s message to hear more ...

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Get Ready For Fall With Cosmetic Dentistry! [BLOG]

It’s time to start getting your smile ready for fall! Dr. Chase and our team at Friendly Smiles Center is here to help you do that with cosmetic dentistry! Here Are Three Reasons To Get Cosmetic Dentistry Now! Your Mount Laurel dentist wants you to love the way your smile looks during every season, but here are a few reasons why fall is a ...

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