Gum Disease Could Be Causing Your Mouth Pain

Earlier this month we talked about dental pain and how we can relieve it with restorative dentistry. But damaged or decayed teeth aren’t the only reasons you might experience discomfort in your mouth. One cause is even more insidious and threatening to your oral and overall health. Check out today’s video to hear more about gum disease ...

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Giving Teeth A Little Touch-Up Is Easy!

Fall is just around the corner, and we all know what that means. You’ll soon be busy, busy, busy… while we may not be as social as we usually are this time of year because of the coronavirus, you’ll still probably be distracted by the seasonal chaos of the approaching holidays to worry about your smile. Take care of it now! We help ...

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We Can Fix Your Painful Chewing Problems

Chewing your food is the kind of thing you shouldn’t ever really have to think about. It’s exactly what your teeth are designed for, so we normally wouldn’t give eating a second thought until something goes wrong. Watch today’s video to hear Dr. Chase talk about our approach to your chewing problems and how we can fix your teeth and get ...

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Dental Implants For The Win!

Tooth loss doesn’t have to mean a loss for your oral health. There is a way to replace a missing tooth so that you can preserve the jawbone permanently without having to lose any more of your healthy surrounding teeth. It’s dental implants for the win! As we close out Dental Implant Month, we invite you to listen to Dr. Chase in ...

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Clear Orthodontics For Self-Conscious Teens

Do you have a teenager in the family who needs braces but keeps putting off an orthodontic consultation? Summer is always a great time to begin orthodontics for younger patients because it gives them time to adjust to wearing braces. Now that school has started up again, you might feel like the chance to begin their treatment has passed, ...

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You Deserve Dental Implants From An Expert!

When you’re facing tooth loss, it’s understandable why you might feel apprehensive about the best way to replace your teeth in a way that looks and feels natural. But when you put your smile in the hands of an expert like Dr. Chase, you have nothing to worry about! Take it from Rich, one of our happy patients who shares a message in ...

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Properly Brush Your Teeth For A Healthy Mouth

As your family adjusts to a new school year and routine, your friendly Mount Laurel dentist wants to remind you about the importance of good oral hygiene to ensure your family’s healthy smiles. Here’s a video from the American Dental Association that you might find helpful when it comes to teaching your kids to brush their teeth properly. A ...

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Protect Your Healthy Smile This Summer! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone is ready to get outdoors and enjoy the long-awaited summer. But this time of year can put your teeth and gums at risk, from the unique activities and treats of the season to the changes in your normal routines. Check out our infographic for some tips on how to keep your smile healthy in spite of it all! Remember, too, that ...

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Take Pride In Your Smile With Restorative Dentistry! [PHOTO]

If you often find yourself covering up your mouth with your hand or pressing your lips together to hide your teeth when you smile, it means you’ll never feel completely comfortable about yourself. No matter how joyous the occasion, there will always be some part of you that’s on guard. Don’t spend your life feeling ashamed of your ...

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Be Free To Smile With A Full-Mouth Reconstruction! [VIDEO]

When your teeth and gums aren’t healthy, you aren’t free to smile around other people. That’s because an unhealthy mouth often results in an unattractive smile, not to mention painful or diminished oral function, and poor health overall. A full-mouth reconstruction in Mount Laurel, NJ can give it all back to you! Here’s Dr. Chase ...

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