Add Flossing To Your List Of Resolutions!

We’re about two weeks into the new year, which means those who made New Year’s resolutions are probably close to giving up on those goals, if they haven’t already. That’s because, often, the positive changes we make to our routines, activity levels, and daily diets aren’t practical. Rather than drastic changes all at once, it’s ...

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Get A Brand New Smile This Year!

If you keep up with our Mount Laurel dental blog, then you might recall our last message to you about giving yourself a new start with a full-mouth reconstruction. We told you that despite overwhelming dental problems, it’s possible to get your smile back, and today, we’re showing you the proof! Here’s just one of many transformations ...

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A Full-Mouth Reconstruction Is A New Start

Living your best life is possible, even despite missing several or all of your teeth. But we understand how overwhelming it can be to imagine a fresh new start for your smile if you’re facing such significant problems with your dental health. That’s why we’re beginning the new year with this video message from Dr. Chase about what’s ...

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End The Year With A Healthy Smile!

If you’re like most people, celebrating the holidays will probably involve a lot more sugar than you’re used to consuming and perhaps a few more cocktails than usual. The point is that this time of year can pose certain risks to your dental health. That’s why we want to remind you to visit us when the festivities are over so you can ...

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Keep Smiling With These Teeth-Friendly Tips

Over the next couple of weeks, your holiday season will kick into high gear as you gather with family and friends and try to resist the urge to go crazy on all those festive treats that threaten your teeth. But with a little help from your Mount Laurel dentist, you can get through it all with a smile. Check out today’s infographic that ...

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Put Dental Implants On Your Holiday Wish List

Smiling, laughing, caroling, eating… just a few simple pleasures we often take for granted until we suddenly can’t do any of them. Not comfortably, anyway. Missing teeth take so much from you, from being able to eat what you want to feeling good about your smile's appearance. If replacement teeth are on your holiday wish list, secure ...

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A Gorgeous Smile Is The Perfect Gift

Instead of buying the latest gadget or precious trinket for your special someone this holiday season, consider a gift that’s more valuable, more lasting, and perhaps even life-changing. Cosmetic dentistry covers a full range of dental solutions to improve a person’s smile, from simple bonding or teeth whitening to total smile ...

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Your Teeth Will Thank You For Daily Flossing!

After the Thanksgiving dinner table has been cleaned, it’s time to cut Black Friday coupons and map out your shopping strategy. But there’s another reason to celebrate. The day after Thanksgiving is National Flossing Day! Your dental health depends on this crucial oral hygiene practice because it helps prevent the build-up of harmful ...

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Preparing Your Smile For The Holidays

As the years go by, the higher the likelihood that you’ve experienced some sort of oral health problem or dental damage. Tooth decay and cavities are the two of the most common problems we see in Mount Laurel, but we also see our share of patients who have more of a cosmetic issue with their smiles, like cracked, stained, or chipped ...

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Be Thankful For Good Oral Health

As stressful as this year has been for everyone, it can be hard to focus on the positive from time to time. But Thanksgiving gives us all a chance to turn our attention to all the reasons we have to be thankful and the many blessings in our lives. Part of our mission at Friendly Smiles Center is to help you count good oral health among them, ...

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