3 Reasons To Get Cosmetic Dentistry This Summer! [BLOG]

Summer is a busy time for socializing, both for relaxed, casual gatherings and formal special occasions. That’s why Dr. Chase and our team at Friendly Smiles Center wants to make sure you have a gorgeous smile that makes you feel as great as you look all season long! Summer Is A Great Time For Cosmetic Dentistry! It’s a great time to get ...

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When Traditional Orthodontics Work Best [VIDEO]

As thrilled as we are about providing alternatives to metal braces to fix crooked teeth, we also understand that some cases still call for the tried-and-true results of traditional orthodontics. Here’s Dr. Chase at Friendly Smiles Center giving examples of when conventional braces are the best treatment option. Listen up, parents! What ...

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Let Us Reconstruct Your Smile This Summer! [PHOTO]

Do you ever wish you could just start over with your smile? That you could reverse all the years of damage, stains, and other dental problems that have left you feeling embarrassed about your teeth? Then make the decision to reconstruct your smile this summer with restorative dentistry at Friendly Smiles Center! Here’s just one example ...

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Get Teeth Whitening For A Bright Summer Smile! [BLOG]

Would you rather spend your summer going from one special event to another feeling comfortable and confident about your bright smile, or standing vigil on your social media accounts making sure to untag yourself each time a friend or family member shares photos of you that expose your dingy, yellow teeth to the world? If we had to guess, our ...

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Learn About The Invisalign Innovation! [VIDEO]

More and more, adults are turning to Invisalign at Friendly Smiles Center to correct their crooked teeth. That’s because it’s an innovation they can take advantage of without all the trappings of conventional orthodontic treatment. Hear Dr. Chase in Mount Laurel, NJ talk about the benefits of Invisalign compared to standard braces that ...

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What Steps Should I Take In A Dental Emergency? [QUIZ]

This time of year is a busy one for dental emergencies at Friendly Smiles Center. But we’re happy to help you find the care you need to keep your oral health on track and get you back to living pain-free! Take today’s quiz to see if you know what steps you should take in the immediate aftermath of a dental emergency to save your ...

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Why Rich Trusts Us With His Dental Implant Procedure! [VIDEO]

Rich is in the preparation stages of getting dental implants at Friendly Smiles Center. Although some patients would approach that process with stress and anxiety, Rich has full confidence in Dr. Chase and our team in Mount Laurel, NJ. Hear about some of the reasons why he put his dental health needs in our hands and why he’s looking ...

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Smile Sooner With A Same-Day Dental Crown

You feel a little embarrassed. You weren’t watching where you were walking and you collided with a doorframe. To make things worse, you broke one of your teeth as a result of this accident. You just want to fix your tooth as soon as possible. You don’t want to keep explaining what happened. You want your smile back, and you want to stop ...

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Is Your Oral Cancer Risk High? [QUIZ]

It’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and that means it’s time to examine your risk for developing this disease. You can start by taking today’s quiz, courtesy of our team at Friendly Smiles Center. It can help you get an idea of where you fall in the oral cancer risk category. Then, you can make sure to schedule your next oral cancer ...

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Does Your Spring Smile Need A Little Cosmetic Dentistry? [PHOTO]

A busier social season should be fun, but if your smile looks a bit worn and dingy, you probably won’t be able to relax and enjoy yourself much at all. When your spring smile needs a little cosmetic dentistry, turn to Dr. Chase and our team at Friendly Smiles Center! Here’s a quick look at one of our successful cases in Mount Laurel, NJ ...

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