Smile Sooner With A Same-Day Dental Crown

You feel a little embarrassed. You weren’t watching where you were walking and you collided with a doorframe. To make things worse, you broke one of your teeth as a result of this accident. You just want to fix your tooth as soon as possible. You don’t want to keep explaining what happened. You want your smile back, and you want to stop ...

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Is Your Oral Cancer Risk High? [QUIZ]

It’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and that means it’s time to examine your risk for developing this disease. You can start by taking today’s quiz, courtesy of our team at Friendly Smiles Center. It can help you get an idea of where you fall in the oral cancer risk category. Then, you can make sure to schedule your next oral cancer ...

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Does Your Spring Smile Need A Little Cosmetic Dentistry? [PHOTO]

A busier social season should be fun, but if your smile looks a bit worn and dingy, you probably won’t be able to relax and enjoy yourself much at all. When your spring smile needs a little cosmetic dentistry, turn to Dr. Chase and our team at Friendly Smiles Center! Here’s a quick look at one of our successful cases in Mount Laurel, NJ ...

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Know Where To Find Emergency Dental Care In Mount Laurel! [VIDEO]

This spring, while you’re enjoying a pleasant walk in the park with your family, you trip and land face first onto the concrete sidewalk. You have a broken tooth, are in a lot of pain, and don’t know where to go for emergency dental care on a Saturday afternoon! But you do, now! Here’s Dr. Chase, your Mount Laurel, NJ emergency ...

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Get Your Healthy Smile Back With Dental Sedation! [BLOG]

Winters in Mount Laurel, NJ can be pretty harsh, freezing and frosting the landscape and citizens alike! But your smile can also see long, cold, and dark seasons, too. Just like we tend to retrieve back to our cozy little caves for a couple of months until winter passes, your worsening dental problems can force you into a similar kind of ...

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Discover The Good Fortune Of Dental Implants! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Not all replacement teeth render the same benefits, which is why it’s important to talk to an experienced dentist, like top-notch Mount Laurel dentist Dr. Robert Chase, about which option is best for you. In modern dentistry, no method for replacing missing teeth offers quite the good fortune that dental implants can, and you’ll see how in ...

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Get A Healthy, Beautiful Smile For Spring! [PHOTO]

Spring is around the corner, so it’s time to welcome a fresh, new season with a fresh, new smile! Just like the one in today’s before after image from our Mount Laurel, NJ smile gallery at Friendly Smiles Center. With our wide-ranging cosmetic and restorative dentistry services, we’ll help you get a healthy mouth and a smile you’ll ...

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Expect 5 Star Service At Our Mt. Laurel Dentist Office! [VIDEO]

When you’re a patient at Friendly Smiles Center, no matter what sort of dental treatment you need, there’s one thing you can always expect from our caring team in Mount Laurel, NJ. It’s 5 star service from an expert dentist and a warm, compassionate staff. Here’s Dr. Chase telling you more about our patient-centered approach to ...

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Start Cosmetic Dentistry Now For Your Spring Wedding! [BLOG]

We can’t believe we’re saying it, but we’re just days away from March! Your friends at Friendly Smiles Center know exactly what that means for many of you out there. It means the countdown to your spring wedding just got real! Start cosmetic dentistry in Mount Laurel, NJ now so you can have a beautiful, bright smile for your big ...

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Could Veneers Help You Love Your Smile? [QUIZ]

What would it take for you to love your smile? If you have multiple dental flaws, you may feel too overwhelmed to answer that question. Fortunately, at Friendly Smiles Center, we have simple, but powerful cosmetic solutions! Take today’s quiz to see if dental veneers could be the one that helps you finally love your smile! To set up ...

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