Do You Have Dental Anxiety? [QUIZ]

Most people, if you asked them, would admit to feeling a little uneasy at the dentist. But if you’re someone who’s more than just a little uneasy about dental appointments, you could be putting your oral health at risk. That’s because dental anxiety is strong enough to keep millions of people from getting the routine care they need for ...

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Get A New Smile With Restorative Dentistry In Mount Laurel, NJ! [PHOTO]

Would you like to have a strong, healthy smile this year? That’s what this patient in today’s before and after image wanted, and our team at Friendly Smiles Center delivered! Dr. Chase and our skilled team can give you a new smile, full of strong, healthy teeth, with quality restorative dentistry in Mount Laurel, NJ. Get started today ...

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Discover A Different Kind Of Dental Care In Mount Laurel! [VIDEO]

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to improve your health, then start by improving your oral health at Friendly Smiles Center! Here, you’ll find all the dentistry you need for healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile. Listen to your new Mount Laurel, NJ dentist talk about the many things that set our practice apart, from the ...

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How We Make Smiles As Good As New! [VIDEO]

Susan was a child when some simple sibling horseplay broke her front tooth nearly in half. Ever since, she’s been hiding her smile, fearing people would be able to tell it had been damaged before. All that has changed, thanks to tooth bonding she got from Dr. Chase at Friendly Smiles Center! Listen to Susan talk about how we made her ...

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Dental Implants Restore More Than Your Smile

If you dread the holidays, as much for the indulgent food as for the frequent cheerful mingling, it may not have anything to do with being a Scrooge. It could be because of your severely damaged or missing teeth. Our team at Friendly Smiles Center understands why someone in your situation may not look forward to the holidays as much as those ...

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3 Reasons CEREC Same-Day Crowns Are A Blessing! [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s just days away from Thanksgiving, and you have a dental problem. But not even a broken, chipped, cracked, or even a missing tooth can stand between you and an enjoyable holiday dinner! That’s because you have Dr. Chase at Friendly Smiles Center to restore your teeth in a single visit! Check out our infographic to see the ...

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Get Back Comfortable Function Of Your Teeth This Thanksgiving! [PHOTO]

Has eating become an uncomfortable experience for you lately? Get the comfortable function of your teeth back in time for Thanksgiving with restorative dentistry at Friendly Smiles Center! As you can see from today’s before and after image, we can make sure your smile is complete, beautiful, and working as it should! Call our Mount ...

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4 Easy Ways To Avoid Oral Surgery [BLOG]

Our team at Friendly Smiles Center knows that oral surgery isn’t the dreadful experience most people imagine, but we certainly understand why you’d want to avoid it if you could. In fact, even Dr. Chase would tell you that oral surgery is often reserved as a last resort, mainly because of how much technology has improved and expanded ...

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Tooth Bonding Is Better Than Ever In Mount Laurel, NJ! [VIDEO]

Since the early days of Hollywood, tooth bonding has come a long way in correcting cosmetic flaws and freshening up smiles. Now, the materials used are stronger and better than ever! Here’s Dr. Chase from Friendly Smiles Center explaining how far tooth bonding has come and what it can do for your smile in Mount Laurel, NJ! To learn more ...

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Can I Handle A Fall Dental Emergency? [QUIZ]

Don’t let a dental emergency spoil your fun this fall. Get the dental treatment you need for fast pain relief and a healthy mouth with same-day appointments at Friendly Smiles Center. Take today’s quiz to see if you know how to handle a fall dental emergency! You may pick up some extra tips on how to save your smile. To make a ...

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