Your Teeth Will Thank You For Daily Flossing!

After the Thanksgiving dinner table has been cleaned, it’s time to cut Black Friday coupons and map out your shopping strategy. But there’s another reason to celebrate. The day after Thanksgiving is National Flossing Day! Your dental health depends on this crucial oral hygiene practice because it helps prevent the build-up of harmful ...

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Preparing Your Smile For The Holidays

As the years go by, the higher the likelihood that you’ve experienced some sort of oral health problem or dental damage. Tooth decay and cavities are the two of the most common problems we see in Mount Laurel, but we also see our share of patients who have more of a cosmetic issue with their smiles, like cracked, stained, or chipped ...

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Be Thankful For Good Oral Health

As stressful as this year has been for everyone, it can be hard to focus on the positive from time to time. But Thanksgiving gives us all a chance to turn our attention to all the reasons we have to be thankful and the many blessings in our lives. Part of our mission at Friendly Smiles Center is to help you count good oral health among them, ...

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End Dental Pain Now With Restorative Dental Care

We started talking last month about the importance of having strong, healthy teeth heading into the holiday season. And it’s a message that bears repeating as we welcome November, the month that kicks off weeks of celebrating from now until the new year. If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, dental pain, or chewing problems, chances ...

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3 Good Reasons To Try Dental Sedation

October is the perfect month to start and finish talking about dental fear and the ways to move past it for a healthier, happier life. Our team at Friendly Smiles Center wants to encourage you once again to open your mind to the possibility that your routine dental checkups can be positive, and even enjoyable so that your dental anxiety ...

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A Timeless Message About Gum Disease

Dentistry has evolved so much in the last couple of decades so that procedures are more efficient, comfortable, and successful. But the fundamental truths about maintaining good oral health haven’t changed, such as the importance of keeping your teeth clean. That’s especially crucial this time of year when the temptations of Halloween ...

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Restore Your Smile For The Holidays!

The last thing you want during the holidays is a smile you’re ashamed of or dental problems that don’t allow you to enjoy the food you love this time of year. That’s why you should visit Dr. Chase and our team in Mount Laurel, NJ! We can restore damaged or missing teeth and give you back the full function of your mouth and a beaming, ...

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Face & Overcome Your Dental Fear This Fall!

Fearful patients who’ve stayed away from the dentist for a long time often have traumatic memories of past dental treatments that didn’t go well. That’s why we like to give those patients a way to ease into our practice, starting with an office tour to help them become familiar with our cozy surroundings. But that’s only the ...

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Find The Quality, Affordable Dental Care You Deserve!

Because you have so many options to choose from near Mount Laurel, it means so much to Dr. Chase and our team that you trust your oral health to us. That’s why we always love to come up with new ways to let you know how much we appreciate taking care of your family’s smiles! For a limited time, we’re offering a New Patient Special for ...

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Gum Disease Could Be Causing Your Mouth Pain

Earlier this month we talked about dental pain and how we can relieve it with restorative dentistry. But damaged or decayed teeth aren’t the only reasons you might experience discomfort in your mouth. One cause is even more insidious and threatening to your oral and overall health. Check out today’s video to hear more about gum disease ...

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