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Friendly Smiles Center is a highly respected practice, and we’re confident we can serve just about any dental need you have. But wouldn’t you rather hear it straight from our patients in the Mount Laurel, NJ community?

Then check out some of our patient testimonials! Take a moment to read what our patients are saying about the exceptional general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care they’ve received from Dr. Chase and our team.

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Rich A. on receiving excellent dental care and why he loves the practice

When I come here, they do the X-rays and all of the rest of that. They took a look at where I'm headed with my teeth. I have three implants that need to be done that I'm kind of waiting on right now. There's a time issue having to ... when you can install them. I just trust that what he does is ...

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Susan W. on the practice being great for kids

My three children have been coming here since they've been 2 years old. And a lot of times when parents first bring their child, especially that first appointment, they don't know what to expect. They're a little bit frightened. My children never felt that way, because I've always talked about the ...

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Ken W. on why he loves coming to Friendly Smiles Center

It's a very low-key, friendly atmosphere. So it starts out great, and then the actual experience is very gentle. I've recommended Dr. Chase to numerous people. One of the things I've mentioned is he has a great touch. He's not rough at all. Having that experience makes me always comfortable to come ...

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Susan W. on replacing an old repair after it had failed and why she loves coming to the practice

I was actually sitting at my dining room table, I can't remember exactly how old I was, just quietly doing my homework to myself, and my older brother, of course, came walking behind me and just to be silly or funny, he thought he was being funny, he kind of pushed my head towards the table, and I ...

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