Summer is a busy time for socializing, both for relaxed, casual gatherings and formal special occasions.

That’s why Dr. Chase and our team at Friendly Smiles Center wants to make sure you have a gorgeous smile that makes you feel as great as you look all season long!

Summer Is A Great Time For Cosmetic Dentistry!

It’s a great time to get cosmetic dentistry in Mount Laurel, and here are just three reasons why:

*Have Peace Of Mind About Your Dental Health*

No one wants to have an unhealthy mouth! You may not have the financial resources to get routine dental care, or maybe you’re afraid of the dentist and can’t bring yourself to get the care you need.

Regardless, you won’t have a beautiful smile if your teeth and gums aren’t healthy. Dental problems may not cause visible cosmetic issues right away, but without treatment, they eventually will.

So before we can administer a cosmetic treatment plan, we would first provide the services you need to get your teeth and gums healthy. Even some cosmetic treatments can serve a restorative purpose, like dental veneers and orthodontics. That’s because cracks and chips would be covered and protected against future damage, and straight teeth are easier to keep clean.

After your mouth is healthy and your smile is more attractive, you can have peace of mind about your physical wellness and your appearance.

*Look Great For Every Occasion*

It doesn’t matter if it’s a formal occasion like a wedding or a casual cookout on a sunny afternoon. Like everyone, you’d want to look great regardless, right?

You can be wearing a stylish outfit, having a great hair day, and even feel good about your body after spending a few weeks getting into better shape. None of that would matter if you have a smile that makes you feel embarrassed.
We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services that can correct any flaws and imperfections that make you insecure. You can:

  • Whiten your dingy teeth
  • Redefine your gumline to show more teeth
  • Contour teeth that are too pointy or misshapen
  • Hide stained, flawed teeth with dental veneers
  • Straighten crooked, gapped teeth with orthodontics
  • Replace missing teeth with dental implants

Whatever you don’t like about your smile, Dr. Chase and our team can help you find the right treatment to fix it so you can look amazing for every occasion.

*Feel More Confident & Have More Fun*

It’s really hard to have fun if you’re uncomfortable.

And we’re not talking about your physical comfort, although that’s important. We’re talking more about how you feel on the inside.

No matter where you are or who you’re with, it’s almost impossible to enjoy yourself if you’re not able to relax. Insecurity about your flawed teeth will occupy your thoughts and motivate your behavior, which means you won’t be able to have a good time.

Confidence that comes from knowing your smile looks great lifts that emotional burden and allows you to be yourself and enjoy hanging out with others in formal and informal situations.

Call For A Consultation!

Celebrate this summer with a healthy, beautiful smile you can feel proud of!

Get cosmetic dentistry in Mount Laurel, NJ so you can look and feel your best for any occasion.
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