We celebrate our country’s independence by gathering with family and friends, firing up the grill, eating all our favorite seasonal foods, lighting fireworks, and smiling and laughing with people we care about.

But missing teeth can spoil all that fun.

If you want to enjoy summer holidays the way you used to, you need dental implants from our team at Friendly Smiles Center!

Complete Your Smile With Dental Implants!

As simple as a dental implant may appear, merely a small titanium post inside the jaw beneath a replacement tooth, they offer benefits that are unmatched by all other replacement teeth.

Along with filling in the empty spaces left behind when you lose teeth, dental implants allow you to:

  • Feel confident about your smile
  • Preserve the structural integrity of your face
  • Restore complete, comfortable oral function
  • Keep your mouth healthy for a lifetime

Your Mount Laurel dentist, Dr. Chase, can replace your missing teeth with dental implants so you can claim victory over tooth loss and resume the quality of life you deserve!

*Implants Give You A Strong Bite*

You need a complete set of teeth to maintain your strong bite. Even one lost tooth can compromise your oral function, so you can imagine what sort of problems several missing teeth create.

We can replace one, many, or a full arch of teeth to complete your smile again and restore the integrity of your bite with dental implants. They’re placed inside your jawbone to take the place of a tooth root, and we can strategically place them in a variety of ways with restorations like dental crowns, bridges, and even dentures!

*Implants Preserve Your Jawbone*

Filling an empty space after you’ve lost a tooth is a must, but with nothing to also replace the root, your jawbone will continue to deteriorate.

This will eventually threaten the stability of your facial structure, as well as your remaining healthy teeth.
A dental implant takes the place of a missing root before your new tooth is attached to the top of it. Fusing to your jawbone and stimulating healthy new growth, that degenerative process stops in its tracks, preserving the bone itself, as well as the health of your entire mouth.

*Mini Dental Implants Are Something To Celebrate*

You may have lost too much bone mass in your jaw to support a traditional dental implant.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from this remarkable innovation in tooth replacement!

Dr. Chase and our team offer mini dental implants, smaller than standard implants, as you may have guessed, but just as effective in restoring your smile.

With a ridge augmentation to rebuild your jawbone, we can prepare your mouth to accept implants to suit your needs best.

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Don’t let tooth loss or loose dentures hold you captive any longer!

Complete your smile, restore your bite, and improve your quality of life with dental implants in Mount Laurel, NJ!
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