If you dread the holidays, as much for the indulgent food as for the frequent cheerful mingling, it may not have anything to do with being a Scrooge.

It could be because of your severely damaged or missing teeth.

Our team at Friendly Smiles Center understands why someone in your situation may not look forward to the holidays as much as those around you, and that’s why we want to help!

Today’s blog lets you know how, when it comes to replacement teeth, dental implants can restore much more than your smile!

Dental Implants Restore More Than Your Smile

We offer several solutions to replace missing teeth, whether it’s one or all of them! But the method that restores your healthy smile as close to what it was before better than any other option is with a dental implant.
Here’s why!

*Dental Implants Restore Your Confidence*

It’s almost impossible to feel any sort of pride in your appearance when you have missing teeth. Forget the impact on your oral health, which can be quite profound, even devastating, on its own.

But what tooth loss can do to you emotionally and psychologically is not to be dismissed.

With the security and stability you get from dental implants, along with the lifelike restorations that serve as your new teeth, your confidence can instantly be restored.

You’ll notice a change in how you feel when you first see your new, complete smile before you even leave our Mount Laurel, NJ office!

This is the kind of confidence you want every single day, but especially during the holiday season when you’re likely to be jumping from one festive social gathering to another.

*Dental Implants Restore Your Quality of Life*

Restricting your diet to only foods you can chew easily is crushing any day of the year. On top of what it means for your nutrition and overall health, it takes the pleasure out of eating in general.

This is magnified as you stand before the holiday buffet and scan the platters before filling your plate. While everyone else grabs whatever they want, you’re left standing there looking for foods that won’t hurt to chew or that you could get away with chewing on one side of your mouth with only minimal discomfort.

That’s not the way you want to spend the holidays!

You deserve a better quality of life than that, and that’s another advantage of implants.

They restore your life, the one you enjoyed before you lost any of your teeth.

When you’re ready to admit you’ve suffered long enough with the limitations of missing teeth, you should visit Friendly Smiles Center to meet with Dr. Chase about your dental implant options.

Schedule A Consultation!

The holidays should be a time when you’re able to relax and enjoy yourself, and that includes being able to eat comfortably all the delights of the season and to smile confidently.

At Friendly Smiles Center in Mount Laurel, NJ, you’ll find an experienced, highly-trained dentist, Dr. Chase, who can place your dental implants and restorations so you can have the holiday experience you deserve.
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