Eventually, all good things must come to an end, including your old dental restorations from past tooth decay, oral infections, or accidents.

Replace them with strong, beautiful dental restorations at Friendly Smiles Center in Mount Laurel, NJ!

Why You Have An Old Dental Restoration

No one is completely safe from dental problems. If a tooth suffers some kind of damage, it can lead to mild discomfort, severe pain, or even loss of function.

Restorative dentistry is designed to repair teeth that need it so your smile stays healthy.

Maybe you’ve had restorative treatment in the past because:

*You had a cavity and needed a filling.
*A tooth was infected and needed a root canal and crown.
*You lost a tooth and replaced it with a dental implant.
*You damaged a tooth and had to get a dental crown as a result.

How Old Restorations Can Make You Fail An Oral Exam

Dental restorations will last for many years, but there are times when they can break, loosen, or even fall out. That’s when your healthy smile could be in trouble.

Here are ways old restorations can make you fail an oral exam!

*Your Dental Crown Is Damaged*

A cracked tooth is compromised, which means the longer you go without repairing it, the more likely that tooth will finally buckle under the pressure.

You can suffer similar consequences if you have a cavity that you never had filled. It can deepen and widen, making a standard, simple filling insufficient.

Dental crowns are used in cases like this to preserve your teeth and oral health.

It’s incredible how lifelike modern dental crowns look, and with our CEREC same-day technology, how quickly they can be designed and fabricated to perfectly fit you!

*Your Tooth Filling Fell Out*

Cavities and tooth fillings aren’t at all uncommon. But if you have an old tooth filling, chances are it’s a dark silver color. Those can be an eyesore for your smile, and they can also become loose and fall out if they’re too old.

Replace a failing dental filling with a tooth-colored option! That way you won’t give away you’ve had any cavities at all and your smile will be seamless!

*You’re Having Problems With A Dental Implant*

You can’t find a better option for replacing teeth than dental implants. They stay in place more securely than other methods because they fuse with your own jawbone.

But in rare cases, implant restorations can become damaged, loose, or compromised.

Dr. Chase is highly-qualified to examine and understand the extent of your implant problems and how to resolve them in our Mount Laurel, NJ practice.

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Dental restorations are supposed to last a really long time, but they can prematurely fail for a number of reasons.
Dr. Chase and our team at Friendly Smiles Center can fix or replace your old dental work and make sure your teeth look and feel natural, and function properly.

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