Winters in Mount Laurel, NJ can be pretty harsh, freezing and frosting the landscape and citizens alike!
But your smile can also see long, cold, and dark seasons, too.

Just like we tend to retrieve back to our cozy little caves for a couple of months until winter passes, your worsening dental problems can force you into a similar kind of isolation from the people, events, and experiences you wish you could enjoy.

Missing, damaged teeth and painful oral function will negatively affect your quality of life, appearance, and your self-confidence.

Do you long for a kind of spring awakening for your smile because of it?

Our team at Friendly Smiles Center can help you with our compassionate care and options in comfort and dental sedation!

Get Your Healthy Smile Back With Dental Sedation!

An unhealthy mouth can have a wide range of problems that need to be fixed.

Cavities, gum disease, as well as infected, damaged, or even missing teeth can be resolved quite easily with restorative dental treatments at the hands of our experienced, top-notch dentist, Dr. Chase.

But we understand that sounds pretty easy coming from us.

To you, someone with acute dental anxiety, it sounds intimidating, overwhelming, and probably terrifying.

Let us set your mind at ease by explaining how we can make you feel more comfortable and your experiences with us stress-free!

*Feel Relaxed With Dental Sedation*

Maybe you’ve heard something like this before from a dentist, “Oh, there’s no need to worry. You’ll be numb the whole time and won’t feel a thing.”

But when you’re filled with fear and anxiety, those words provide little comfort.

That’s because you’re not just nervous about dental procedures themselves.

You’re scared of the shots, the sounds of the drills, the smell of the environment, the thought of keeping your mouth open for too long and fighting your gag reflex amidst all the cotton or gauze pads, and the list goes on.

That’s where dental sedation can help!

Designed to help you relax, each of our two forms of sedation, laughing gas or an oral sedative, will calm your nerves, your mind, and your body so that you can get the treatment you need to get your mouth healthy again.

The type of sedation method you choose all depends on your level of anxiety and the kind of treatment you might need.
Dr. Chase can help you decide which sedation method is best for you!

*Enjoy Items From Our Comfort Menu*

Along with your choice of dental sedation, you can browse our comfort menu for items that might make your experience a bit more cozy.

We offer blankets, neck pillows, warm towels, fresh-baked cookies, and even TV monitors to distract you from your surroundings and make you feel more at home!

Experience Stress-Free Dentistry!

We often use the changing seasons as a guide for redirecting our attention on the priorities of that particular time of year.

Spring, for example, is when we focus on cleaning and decluttering the house, getting outside to enjoy more physical activity, and resuming a busy social life after a long winter of general solitude.

Why not make this a season a time to renew your oral health and your smile?

Dr. Chase and our compassionate team want to help change the way you experience dentistry so that you never have to let fear and anxiety control your oral and overall health again.

To schedule a stress-free appointment at Friendly Smiles Center, call today at 856-359-4000 or fill out our online form.