As the years go by, the higher the likelihood that you’ve experienced some sort of oral health problem or dental damage. Tooth decay and cavities are the two of the most common problems we see in Mount Laurel, but we also see our share of patients who have more of a cosmetic issue with their smiles, like cracked, stained, or chipped teeth.

Restorative dentistry includes all the services that are meant to repair teeth and get your oral health back on track. Thanks to our modern technology and techniques, our dental restorations fit more comfortably and function more naturally than ever before.

Is Your Smile Ready For The Holidays?

Dr. Chase and our team are here to help you enjoy the season free from embarrassing smile flaws and painful dental problems with restorative treatments like:

  • Quality dentures
  • Composite tooth fillings
  • Same-day dental crowns
  • Root canal therapy
  • Bridges & dental implants

We make sure that you have full oral function and that your treatment results in the most natural-looking smile possible so no one will be able to tell you had any dental work done at all!

A Bright, Beautiful Smile Matters!

Here’s why a gorgeous, sparkling smile is so valuable during the holidays:

*Eat Well*

Anyone can handle soft, creamy macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes.
But most other foods on your Thanksgiving table will need your teeth to be in good working order if you want to indulge.
Chewing fully and comfortably isn’t possible if you have a toothache, tooth sensitivity, or damaged teeth. So, you’ll appreciate restorative dental care that fixes those problems as you’re tearing into that turkey!

*Feel Confident*

For people with healthy teeth, it’s hard to imagine how mortifying it is for denture-wearers to eat in front of other people when you know you can’t rely on your teeth to stay put.
But perhaps most people can at least understand what it’s like to have a decayed, cracked, or discolored tooth that they desperately want to hide.
To smile and eat when you’re surrounded by other people, you need to feel confident, and restoring your unhealthy teeth can help make that possible.

*Look Great*

Modern restorations are so lifelike in appearance, it’s nearly impossible to tell which teeth are real and which have some sort of full or partial cap from a dental procedure.
In fact, our patients always report back to us that after enough time has gone by, even they can’t remember which tooth exactly was covered by a crown or treated with a tooth filling.
The point is that no matter what kind of restorative dentistry service you need, you can count on a natural-looking smile when it’s complete.

Get Started Today!

Make sure your smile is everything you want it to be for the holidays. Dr. Chase and our team provide exceptional care and modern dental solutions so you get the best results.
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