Root Canals Restore Unhealthy Teeth & Gums [VIDEO]

When teeth have suffered too much because of extensive decay, infection, and receding gums, you need the right restorative dental care that will help you find relief from pain and give you back the full, comfortable function of your mouth again.

For Maureen, a long-time, happy patient of ours, that meant a root canal procedure in Mount Laurel, NJ.

Listen to Maureen’s testimonial video to hear why she chooses to put her oral health in the skilled hands of Dr. Chase and our caring team.

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If you often find yourself covering up your mouth with your hand or pressing your lips together to hide your teeth when you smile, it means you’ll never feel completely comfortable about yourself. No matter how joyous the ...

When your teeth and gums aren’t healthy, you aren’t free to smile around other people. That’s because an unhealthy mouth often results in an unattractive smile, not to mention painful or diminished oral function, and ...