You’ve been waiting all year for this moment. You’re sitting down with your family to enjoy a delicious, succulent Thanksgiving dinner. Just as you bite into that juicy turkey leg, your teeth come down on the bone and that’s all she wrote.

What was supposed to be a delectable feeding frenzy of mashed potatoes dripping with gravy, tender turkey, and asparagus casserole has turn into a dental emergency. You’ve cracked a tooth, and now you’ll wait another year to enjoy the delights of Thanksgiving.

Unless you’re a patient at Friendly Smiles Center! That’s because we have CEREC technology for a faster restorative solution. It allows Dr. Chase to design and craft a custom-made dental crown so you can get back to your life in just one visit.

Today, our team at Friendly Smiles Center wants to let you know about our CEREC technology and how same-day dental crowns can save your holiday experience!

You Might Need A Dental Crown If…

In our Mount Laurel, NJ dental office, we understand that life can hand us challenges when we least expect it. Whether it’s because of a dental injury, tooth decay, or infection, our teeth will sometimes need repair.

Here are some of the reasons you would commonly need a dental crown to repair your smile!

-A Decayed Tooth
-A Large Cavity
-An Infected Tooth
-A Cracked Or Broken Tooth
-A Knocked Out Or Missing Tooth

That sounds like a lot, right? That’s because dental crowns are such a versatile restoration!

Sometimes, a cavity is too large for a standard filling. When tooth decay sets in, it can leave little healthy enamel for a filling to handle effectively. A tooth-colored dental crown can be used instead. It covers the decayed tooth securely, restoring its look and function.

Sometimes a tooth can become cracked and needs to be sealed and with a dental crown and protected from further damage. Even an infected tooth that needs root canal therapy will be finished off with a dental crown to keep infection out in the future. In more extreme cases, you might be missing a tooth and in need of a natural-looking replacement like a dental crown!

These are just some of the reasons dental crowns are used so often. But the problem with many dental practices is that you have to wear a temporary crown for a couple of weeks while your permanent crown is being made.

That can be inconvenient because it involves multiple appointments. It can also be uncomfortable because temporaries don’t always fit as well as your permanent will.

So it’s pretty easy to see how needing to repair a tooth right before Thanksgiving dinner would pose a bit of a threat to your delicious holiday feast!

But with CEREC technology at Friendly Smiles Center, you don’t have to wait weeks to fully restore your smile!

How Same-Day Crowns Can Save Your Thanksgiving

For over ten years, Dr. Chase and our team in Mount Laurel have been helping patients receive custom-made dental restorations in a faster, more efficient way thanks to our CEREC same-day technology.

When you visit Friendly Smiles Center in need of a dental crown for a decayed or damaged tooth, Dr. Chase can design and build your ceramic dental crown to perfectly match the color of your teeth, all while you sit in the chair!
That means no uncomfortable temporary crown, no more weeks of waiting, and no more missing multiple days of work just to come back for your permanent replacement! CEREC makes the restorative process faster and much more convenient for our Mount Laurel, NJ patients!

Don’t Let Dental Problems Ruin Your Holiday!

As your house begins to fill with the aromatic wonderland of all your Thanksgiving favorites, you can have peace of mind knowing that should the worst of dental problems happen to you or someone in your family, you can count on Friendly Smiles Center for a fast solution!

With same-day dental crowns, you’re getting a comfortable, natural-looking restoration in only one convenient visit. Knowing this, you’ll be able to keep dental problems from ruining your holiday celebrations!

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