It’s time to get serious about teeth whitening!

Since summer is here, you have lots to celebrate in the next couple of months.

Make sure all those teeth stains are wiped away with teeth whitening treatment that actually works at Friendly Smiles Center in Mount Laurel, NJ!

For A Brighter Smile, Get Whiter Teeth!

We all know that whiter teeth make your smile look better.

But the advantages of a bright, white smile aren’t just cosmetic.

*You can look younger.
*You can feel more confident when you smile.
*You’ll make a better impression upon meeting new people.
*You’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself more around others.
*You’ll give the impression that you take good care of yourself.
There are all kinds of reasons to want to whiten your teeth and make your smile look healthier and more radiant.
The question is where to find the best, most effective teeth whitening treatment.

The Truth About Teeth Whitening Treatments

You live just down the street from a drugstore, so at first, it might seem like a better idea to head there for teeth whitening treatment.

But here are some hard truths about the kind of whitening kits available on store shelves:

*Store-Bought Kits Aren’t The Strongest*

Anything made for general consumption can’t, by law, contain high concentrations of chemicals, like the bleaching agents in store-bought whitening kits.

That makes them too weak to truly remove stubborn stains from your teeth.

*Store-Bought Kits Aren’t The Safest*

You can’t always rely on the instructions included in store-brand whitening kits to be clear and easy to follow. That leaves room for error during application.

There’s also a problem with a lack of customization because the strips and mouth trays are made to fit everyone. The irony with that is that it means they’re essentially made to fit no one! You increase the risk of slippery trays and strips that leave your gums vulnerable to chemical damage.

*Store-Bought Kits Aren’t The Cheapest*

A brighter smile looks healthy and attractive, but lots of people make the mistake of going, what they assume, will be the cheaper route and buy a whitening kit at the store.

This may be less expensive initially, but you’d have to keep buying the treatments over and over to get the whiteness you want, if you get any results at all.

The costs will add up, and it also makes safety any even bigger issue because using them often, even though they’re weak, can hurt your gums.

Trust Teeth Whitening Treatment In Mount Laurel, NJ

Dr. Chase is a trained professional with access to the latest technology and most powerful whitening systems available.
That means you’re getting the results you want more quickly and more safely than what you get in store-bought kits.
You have the option to whiten your teeth fast with our in-office treatment or to rely on our take-home system so you can decide the pace and level of whiteness you desire.

Schedule Teeth Whitening Treatment!

Come to Friendly Smiles Center in Mount Laurel, NJ when you’re ready for results!

Our teeth whitening systems are powerful, safe, and effective.

And the best part is that you can control the color of your teeth and the pace of your treatment thanks to our options with in-office or take-home systems.

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