Don’t let old metal fillings darken your holiday smile!

Replace them with more attractive options at Friendly Smiles Center!

Merry & Bright Smiles Need Tooth-Colored Fillings

Our Mount Laurel patients are at an advantage because we offer seamless solutions to dental problems, like tooth-colored fillings, that keep your mouth healthy and your smile merry and bright:

*Replace Old Fillings Eventually*

After about ten years or so, it may be time to replace old dental fillings.

We can determine if your restorative work from the past has worn out its welcome in your mouth, but you might suspect it before then if you’re experiencing pain when you eat or drink. Or you might even see fractures or other issues with your tooth surrounding the filling.

Maybe your filling is loose or has come out, which definitely means it’s time to head to your Mount Laurel dentist to replace it!

*You May Not Prefer Metal*

Some patients have special sensitivities to the materials in amalgam fillings.

And even those who don’t are often still concerned about mercury in those fillings. While they’re safe, at least you have the option of avoiding metal altogether when you come to us to treat tooth decay and cavities.

*Avoid Tooth Sensitivity*

Sometimes, people with metal fillings will start to notice increased sensitivity when they’re eating or drinking something that’s too hot or too cold. This isn’t surprising because metal is the perfect conductor of temperature, whereas, composite fillings aren’t.

So you’re better able to avoid tooth pain, discomfort, and sensitivity if you stick with tooth-colored fillings.

*Composite Resin Moves With Your Teeth*

You won’t notice this as it’s happening, but your teeth do actually move. They expand, they contract, and metal fillings won’t flex along with them. That can lead to tooth fractures, which harmful bacteria will take advantage of.
Composite resin is different because it’s more flexible, and thus, better able to adjust alongside your tooth when needed.

*Smile With Confidence*

It can be embarrassing to expose those places in your mouth that are darkened by silver fillings when you laugh or smile. You shouldn’t have to choose between filling a cavity or maintaining the appearance of your smile.

Our composite resin can be beautifully matched to the rest of your teeth so not only will others be none the wiser about your dental problem, but you’ll forget all about it, too!

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If you have that one annoying dark spot in your smile from an old filling, or you’ve noticed pain or sensitivity with hot or cold foods and drinks, it may be time to update your dental work.

We can replace metal fillings with composite fillings that match your teeth perfectly for a smile that’s merry and bright for years!

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