Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!

Are you ready to pucker up?

If you have dry mouth, the answer is a hard no!

Our team at Friendly Smiles Center is here to help you out. We offer treatment for dry mouth that gets to the heart of the problem and gives you relief so you’re ready to get up close and personal with your Valentine.

An added bonus is that treating dry mouth can also help keep your breath fresher. A dry, sticky mouth isn’t the only thing that makes kissing unpleasant. Bad breath is quite a mood killer as well.

So let’s take a look and some causes and solutions for dry mouth, along with treatment you receive in our Mount Laurel, NJ dental office!

Get Ready To Pucker Up!

Dry mouth treatment at Friendly Smiles Center can really help keeping your mouth moistened (and ready for those pucker up moments!). But you can also combat dry mouth, and bad breath, while you’re out and about.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you craft the perfect Valentine’s Day date with your sweetheart!

Get Your Breath Nice ‘N Fresh!

Dry mouth can cause bad breath, along with other problems. And Valentine’s Day is the worst possible time to be dealing with smelly breath!

Breath mints, chewing gum, and other breath fresheners are great, but the sugars in them can worsen your breath once the bacteria in your mouth grabs hold of it!

Make sure your breath fresheners are sugar-free, preferably ones that contain the artificial sweetener, xylitol. It’s a sugar alcohol often used as a sugar substitute that can actually fight bacteria that causes bad breath.

Get Your Lips Ready!

Your lips can have it pretty rough this time of year. The cold winter air can lead to chapped, cracked lips.
Dry mouth only aggravates that problem.

Keep your lips kissably soft by applying lip balm throughout the day. For added irresistibility, try a flavored or scented lip balm!

Get Good ‘N Hydrated!

A leading cause of dry mouth is dehydration. This is uncomfortable, for sure, but it also threatens your oral health.
That’s because it zaps you of all that saliva your teeth need to clear away food particles and protect your teeth from acid erosion.

You might think you’re drinking enough water, but it could be what’s causing your discomfort. So make sure you up your H2O!

Get Away From Smelly Foods!

You may want to give careful consideration to the restaurant you choose on your special night out. Certain cuisines are more notorious for using pretty potent ingredients that leave a strong odor behind. You might want to stay away from foods like:

-Strong cheeses
-Spicy meat

With dry mouth, your breath is already compromised. You don’t want to add to the problem with smelly food.

Get Out The Dental Floss!

After your lovely dinner, sneak away to the restroom so you can get out the dental floss!

This will help keep your breath fresher because the food particles that get stuck between your teeth can leave behind a smelly odor if left there too long.

You can find plastic flossers at any drugstore, which are great to store in your purse, wallet, or car so you can dislodge food left behind from your meals while you’re on the go!

Schedule Dry Mouth Treatment

It’s fun to get all decked out for Valentine’s Day and enjoy a romantic evening with the person you love. It’s a chance to slow down, reconnect, and have a good time.

It’s shouldn’t be, however, a time for you to worry, stress, or feel uncomfortable because of dry mouth. Especially when you hope to steal some kisses from your Valentine!

Not only is it a mood killer, it’s a potential threat to your healthy teeth and gums!

At Friendly Smiles Center, we can help you find relief with our dry mouth treatment. It could be attributed to dehydration, or something more.

But regardless, Dr. Chase is a top rated dentist who can get to the bottom of it and find the solution that works for you.

Call our Mount Laurel, NJ dental office today at 856-359-4000 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.