This time of year inspires us to embrace change and transformation.

That’s why our team at Friendly Smiles Center wants to devote today’s blog to Invisalign and all it can do for your smile!

When you begin Invisalign orthodontic treatment in Mount Laurel, NJ now, you could fall in love with your new, straight smile around this time next year.

Why You’ll Fall For Invisalign This Season

As you embrace a new fall season, you could take the first step toward a new beautiful smile and start your Invisalign treatment! Here’s why our Mount Laurel, NJ patients continue to ‘fall’ for this innovative orthodontic method!

*You’ll Fall For Its Ease & Comfort*

Jagged brackets bonded to your teeth takes some getting used to, but initially, it can feel pretty uncomfortable. The same is true for the wires that pull your teeth together. You feel pain or pressure with each tightening appointment, but after a few days, you can feel a little bit of relief.

And most would agree that it’s all worth it in the end.

But the great thing about Invisalign is that there is no discomfort or pain to get used to. Instead of sharp, tiny appliances rubbing against your cheeks and lips, Invisalign uses nearly invisible, smooth plastic trays that are customized to fit your mouth. The pressure used to move your teeth into position is much gentler with each new aligner than tightened wires.

So not only do you enjoy an easier process, but it’s, overall, a more comfortable method of treatment than standard braces.

*You’ll Fall For The Smooth Experience*

For about 22 hours a day, you’ll wear the custom aligners so they can work their magic on your smile.
But the other two hours can be spent brushing and flossing your teeth with ease since you won’t have to work around any brackets and wires. You’ll also be able to enjoy your meals free of the anxiety you would otherwise feel about food getting lodged or tangled up in your braces. Two hours of freedom may not seem like much, but what you can do in that time makes a world of difference compared to the hassle you sometimes have to deal with when you’re wearing traditional braces!

*You’ll Fall For Your Smile*

Invisalign isn’t the best orthodontic treatment if you have complicated alignment problems with your jaw and your bite.
But it’s a great option if you just need to reposition your teeth and close gaps in your smile.
You’ll enjoy comparable results to standard braces, which is a beautiful, straight smile you’ve always wanted!

Get Started Today!

If you’re ready to fall in love with your smile, then get started on Invisalign treatment now!
During your consultation with Dr. Chase, you’ll be able to learn the specifics of this orthodontic innovation and whether it’s a good option for your crooked teeth.

To schedule your Invisalign consultation in Mount Laurel, NJ, call Friendly Smiles Center today at 856-359-4000 or fill out our online form.