Turn Tooth Decay Around! [VIDEO]

Before the holiday season begins, make sure your smile is healthy and beautiful with help from our team at Friendly Smiles Center! Here’s our own Dr. Chase talking about how advanced technology in our Mount Laurel dental office can help eradicate tooth decay before it takes hold of your oral health. Call Friendly Smiles Center today at 856-359-4000 or ...

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Save Your Thanksgiving With Same-Day Crowns [BLOG]

You’ve been waiting all year for this moment. You’re sitting down with your family to enjoy a delicious, succulent Thanksgiving dinner. Just as you bite into that juicy turkey leg, your teeth come down on the bone and that’s all she wrote. What was supposed to be a delectable feeding frenzy of mashed potatoes dripping with gravy, tender ...

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A Holiday-Ready Smile With Dental Implants [PHOTO]

Are your teeth ready for the delicious Thanksgiving Day spread at your family’s table? With dental implants  from the Friendly Smiles Center, you can have a holiday-ready smile and a full set of healthy teeth. Just like the before and after image in today’s photo blog, you can complete your smile just in time to enjoy all the wonderful ...

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A Caring Dentist Can Make All The Difference [VIDEO]

When you have dental problems as a small child, it can be really traumatizing. But a caring dentist can turn all of that around. That’s what our own Dr. Chase went through, until his parents found a caring dentist who inspired his own career path years later. Hear Dr. Chase talk about his early dental experiences and how they inspired him to ...

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Teeth Whitening Scares The Stains Away! [BLOG]

Stained teeth is one of the biggest complaints adults in this country have about their smile. It’s why teeth whitening treatment is one of the most requested cosmetic options among dentists. Since it’s a time of year when we celebrate goblins, ghouls, and all things frightening, our team at Friendly Smiles Center thought it was the perfect ...

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Know How To Get A Whiter Smile [QUIZ]

Do your teeth look more like dingy taupes than pearly whites? Then maybe it’s time to call the professionals! At Friendly Smiles Center, we offer teeth whitening treatment to put the sparkle back in your smile! Answer these questions in today’s quiz to see if it’s time to trust your whiter smile to our dental  team in Mount Laurel, ...

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Give Yourself The Gift Of Better Oral Health This Season [PHOTO]

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it’s the perfect time to reclaim your oral health so you can enjoy a healthier, more confident smile. At Friendly Smiles Center, we can help you achieve better oral health just like we did for this patient in this before and after photo! Are you ready to see this kind of transformation with ...

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Start Again With A Full-Mouth Reconstruction [PHOTO]

If years of oral health problems have taken over your smile, you can start again with a full-mouth reconstruction at Friendly Smiles Center. Today’s dramatic before and after photo shows you the kind of craftsmanship you’ll find with our team here in Mount Laurel, NJ. Find out if a full-mouth reconstruction is the right solution to your ...

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Get To The Bottom Of Your Dental Anxiety [BLOG]

Remember the last time you went to the dentist for a checkup? Didn’t you love that feeling of excitement that welled up inside you as the day of your appointment got closer and closer? How your family and friends were so jealous that you were the lucky one whose turn it was to get their teeth cleaned? Yeah… we didn’t think so. Let’s face ...

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Start Your Smile Makeover Journey Today! [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to have a gorgeous, confident smile but thought it was too overwhelming a process, today’s your lucky day! Our team at Friendly Smiles Center can guide you through your smile makeover journey every step of the way. Check out today’s infographic to get a better idea of how the process ...

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